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June 21, 2012
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There were many things to describe their love. Many were kind and generous, other harmful and mocking. Some remarks striked right where it hurt the most, but with each other, the slowly built their walls that would shield them, keep them safe, and warm, and happy… Their own little world… There were many things their love was called. Some called it a taboo, others called it impossibility, and others just found it amazing and quite romantic. They would just laugh, and look into their eyes, bright emeralds and coal black… It doesn't matter what the people say… All that matter is this…

While their age is far, their love is close.....
Just some random thing I did for the KakaSaku group... The theme was their catchprase, "Age Far, Love Close" I'd say it's pretty good for something put together in a matter of minutes :D
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serenitytouched Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is lovely. :)

Sorry for the mixup of what I meant (that I mention at the blog). I'm glad you whipped this up though. I tried to edit the blog to be more clear.

I see a few lines that could be possible tagline material for the group. Such as: Some called it a taboo, others called it impossibility.

Taglines are meant to be short (1 to 7 words). Maybe tweak that into something like: Some call it taboo, others call it love

Or maybe: Love is Taboo

I hope that helps in what I'm asking for. :)
Sweet. Although this was something that was whipped up in just a couples minutes (seconds more like it) I don't think I'll change it :). It's something I wrote and even if it doesn't fit any criteria or something, it's my piece of work and I'm happy with it :)
serenitytouched Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wouldn't want you to change it. It's very nice. ^_^
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